who we really are

Living in our truth and power takes a deep will to growth in love,
facing our fears and light the dark parts of our psique,
opening wide and being vulnerable.

A new paradigm full of joy, love,
and creative power is rising.
In this new world women are invited to internalize
masculine and feminine qualities, being attuned to
their own wisdom, embodying a full,
alive and energetic being.


our esence

As women have the potential of living in a deep state
of peace and joy where creativity and ecstatic pleasure
are just natural expressions of ourselves.

Our true nature is nourishing and giver,
however we need to be deeply connected
with the source to be able to embody these gifts.

The fast-paced modern world  often obstruct
our connection to the natural rhythms within,
leaving us in a state of emptiness, feeling stress,
anxiety, solitude and disconnection from
our pleasure and intuitive nature.



Bringing transformation, inspiration, divinity, beauty, passion,
joy and magick into our lives and others around us.

The journey of love is a consistent unfolding of who we truly are,
tapping into deepest parts of ourselves, and grounding
that into who we are and how show up in the world.
Choosing love in every moment, not simply
as a way to feel, but as a way to be.

It is time to get real

dropping it all the masks

Awakening our energetic and sexual body.
Shifting our emotional and psychological blocks.
Expanding our consciousness and heart connection.
Being in a state of calmness and peace through increased mindfulness.
Experiencing a sense of wholeness within our Being.
Embodying grace.


other women experiences

I have found huge growth through temple journeys with Sia.
It has invited magic into my heart and I understand my limitations differently.
I encourage anyone interested in dance or goddess embodiment to try this.
What a delicious way to experience life and nourish the spirit!

Ayla Sutton

The Temple of Goddess can only be described as transformational.
I feel like an incredibly different person. A real woman. My capacity for
self-love and acceptance and to feel the fullness and pleasure of life
has increased exponentially. I highly recommend this experience
to anyone who feels drawn to it.

Jessica Dawson


is intuitive and receptive

“A woman singing, dancing and expressing herself is one of the most divine acts we can witness as a human race”

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