22 - 26 MAY 2023







22 - 26 MAY 2023

Priestess, the sacred current that holds Space and Time.

The embodied paradox
between cyclical movement and absolute silence,
the current of life that vibrates deep below, below mind, body, heart... below, deep down, beyond roots.

Priestess is an inner state,
a divine gaze from the densest part of this reality,
it is the sacred chalice, the divine offering, the human longing.

Priestess is the truth hidden in the heart of the essence.

She is not the pillar between the light and the dark.
She is not in the space between.
She is beyond. Far beyond.
She is the primordial force that births light and dark.
The mother and the father of this reality.

She is not the alchemist,
she is the Alchemy,
the force that generates and destroys,
breathing through the thresholds.

She is the intelligence that ignites the beating of your heart
and makes women
hear the whispers of the moon through their blood.

It's the reason and the answer.

Some call her Great Mother, others Goddess, Source... Priestess... but she is beyond names, archetypes...
beyond any attempt at definition.

This retreat facilitates a space to...

Rediscover the parts of yourself that have been lost
or submerged underneath sophisticated masks

Return to your true power,
serving something greater than you

Expand your awareness lighting up the hidden aspects
of yourself that need attention, love and integration

Open to your multidimensional nature, 
reconnecting with your intuition & inner guidance

Feel safe in your body, mind and heart,
allowing your soul to finally land in this lifetime

Experience a massive expansion,
allowing yourself to be ALL

Release judgment and separation,
and bring understanding and union

Become free from conditioning
and reconnect with the Mystery of Life



Working with Ritual & Magic

Learning how to move through different realities, from deep dense vibrations to high states of consciousness. 

Alchemizing Body, Personality & Soul

Vibrating the ecstatic current of life and enlightening the mind with the Soul´s greater perspective.  

Vibrating Sacred Leadership & Purpose

Being in service to the collective evolution, embracing your unique gift
in the collective puzzle.


AIO WIRA Retreat Center

The place of Peace 


Toa Matauranga

Toa Matauranga is Mikassa & Mahi Mains
a team of makers, and sustainabilists.

Toa Matauranga, which means wisdom warrior,
emerged from an unwavering vision to combine our lifestyle with our work.

To be a warrior not a worrier, in relation to our environment, health and people.

 Their Kaupapa (Initiative & Purpose) aligns with self-care, seeing a greener future and adapting to our changing environments, using and giving back to Papatūānuku (Earth).



Sia Hu Heka

Sia Hu Heka is an International Visionary,
Leader, Ceremonialist, and Midwife of the Soul.

From an early age, my passion for the secret and forbidden has motivated me to explore sexuality, shamanism, and magic. I provide sacred spaces to support individuals to connect to their instinctual wisdom, power, freedom and love, integrating the forgotten and repressed aspects of their being.

My fire from my Spanish roots, remembered wisdom from my connection to ancient Egypt, and my immense devotion to the Great Love, will lead you into a journey full of depth, wildness, liberation, and celebration for the Soul. 


Shannon from Netherlands

Wow, it’s hard to explain in words the experience of working with Sia. She is pure magic. The space she creates is a powerful portal of deep transformation.
She is so embodied in everything she teaches, it’s truly alive in every cell of her being. There is a deep power, presence, & integrity in her work. We went incredibly deep together & I’m so grateful for her transmissions. I don’t find many people who can hold space for me in a powerful way, but Sia does it with so much ease and love. I was really honored to work with her & I know we will work together again in the future.

Lisa from Auckland

I highly recommend this work as a foundation for the exploration of the self. For once you come to know yourself relationships with others become more expansive, intentional and meaningful.

Sia's facilitation and teaching of this work is high level, professional, completely embodied, of spirit, spiritually ethical and safe.

Sia has and is doing this work - her life´s work and is a clear reference point in her being and teachings. I can not recommend Sia enough for her professionalism here.

Shana from California

Sia is a portal to the divine. Working with her has been a direct channel to universal energies, a deep dive into the subconscious, the collective conscious and ancient knowledge. Sia is an incredibly powerful priestess and channeler, she is a mystic guide to the unseen realms. She holds space with such power, love and devotion that it allows you to open fully to reach your greatest depths whilst feeling safe and held. Sia is definitely a midwife to the soul and she can help you birth elements of yourself that have been laying dormant and waiting for both you and this world to be ready. My heart is full of love and gratitude for both Sia and her powerful work


From Monday Afternoon 22sd May
until Friday Afternoon 26th May


Aio Wira Seminar and Retreat Centre
8 Aio Wira Road, Waitakere, Auckland 0781

Pricing Options

Including 5 days & 4 nights accommodation,
3 vegetarian meals a day and tea & fruit available all day. 
Transport to the retreat center is not included in these prices.
Single Room: NZD $1,450
Double Room: NZD $1,300
Dorm (2 single beds + 1 bunk): NZD $1,150

$450 deposit no refundable is necessary to secure your place.

Payment plans are available.

How to Register 

Sending an email to [email protected]




The One who births the Sacred Paradox