Sia Hu Heka


A transformational space to Unfold your True Self


Shedding conditioning, healing trauma
and transforming a fear-based mindset,
Accessing the Intelligence of your Body,
Expanding your Awareness and
Activating your Soul Potential.

Become a Channel of the Mystery and Live
with Trust, Clarity and Purpose.





A transformational space to Unfold your True Self, Healing the conditioning, trauma and fear-based mindset, Accessing the Intelligence of your Body and Activating your Soul Potential..

Become a Channel of the Mystery and Live
with Trust, Clarity and Purpose.





🔸 Learn the main qualities of the Light Masculine, Dark Feminine, Light Feminine and Dark Masculine.

🔸 Discover the difference between Dark and Shadow.

🔸 Explore the dynamics between the Light Masculine and the Dark Feminine and how they express in your interactions.

🔸 Learn about the dynamics between the Light Feminine and the Dark Masculine inside you.


Soma means body, a part of us that is distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche.

The somatic approach recognizes the unique intelligence of the body as a pathway to the deep feminine frequency.

The path of descending means bringing the Spirit into Matter, the Body.



These universally understood energies will help you to integrate the hidden, repressed and unknown parts of yourself.

Human behaviors and our perception of reality are completely shaped by the internal court of Archetypes held in the human unconscious.


You must first acknowledge you have hidden & repressed aspects of yourself. Only then you can embrace and integrate them. 

By bringing these aspects to the surface that you can begin to live authentically, discover your inner wisdom and life purpose, and gain access to your Soul.


In ancient days the Temple was a space where men & women
invoked the Light of the Soul 
through dance, ritual & sacred practices,
awakening their power and opening to deep states of consciousness. 

Temples are transformational spaces where you can experience higher expressions of yourself. 

Through the teachings of Tantra, Ancient Ritual & Sacred Dance you will be guided to a journey of unfoldment,
where you will find your own inner Master

This transpersonal experience will lead you to listen deeply into The Soul and make the necessary adjustment to open more to Life. 


Leonard, New Zealand

¨The priestess temple Sia held in 2018 was one of the most incredible temples I have ever experienced. There was such a powerful delivery of the various aspects of the priestess and feminine power and beauty and as much as I think I am an enlightened man, I learned. There was such a profound holding for the light and the dark that I opened that day to a new level of exploring and reconciling my own dark.

There was such an honoring of women and the feminine that I remember being unable to recognize women who I knew well because they appeared to me beyond their human form. It was such an incredible experience.

And through this experience, I have come to reconcile and access more of my own masculinity

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Sia Hu Heka is an International Visionary,
Leader, Ceremonialist and Midwife of the Soul.

From an early age, her passion for the secret and forbidden has motivated her
to explore sexuality, shamanism, and magic.

Sia provides magical spaces to support individuals to connect to their instinctual wisdom.

These sacred spaces allow the recognition, love, and integration of forgotten and repressed aspects of their being.

Her work is a unique vibrational journey through different realities with the use of music, her voice, movement, ritual, and tantric practices.

Fire from her Spanish roots remembered wisdom from her connection to ancient Egypt, and an expansive heart from her immense devotion to the Great Love, generates a healing cocktail full of depth, wildness, liberation,
and devotion to the Soul.

More about Sia

"Lover and loving are inseparable and timeless.
Although I may try to describe love,
when I experience it, I am speechless.
Although I may try to write about love, I am rendered helpless. 
My pen breaks, and the paper slips away
at the ineffable place where lover loving and loved are one.
Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love.”

― Rumi, The Meaning of Love


Join anytime and visit the transmissions, practices & journeys as much as you want! 


4-week journey with the Goddess of 
Love, Beauty, Sensuality and Abundance.

🦋  See beyond fear, expanding your perception, bringing yourself into presence, and opening to higher states of consciousness

🦋  Evolve on the path of love to surpass all forms of dependence and seduction and all movements of possession or egotism

🦋  Pray with your body, allowing the sacred fire of the spirit and the vital force of the earth to move freely through you


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The Mother & The Whore

6-days online initiation
to integrate these 2 expressions of the Feminine.
The Mother and The Whore is a journey to bring them back into your heart.
YOU ARE BOTH. And it is time to heal the split. 
I want to know more!

Lisa, New Zealand

"I highly recommend this work as a foundation for the exploration of the self. For once you come to know yourself relationships with others become more expansive, intentional and meaningful.

Sia's facilitation and teaching of this work is high level, professional, completely embodied, of spirit, spiritually ethical and safe.


Lisa, Amsterdam

"I recently attended the Goddess temple in Amsterdam. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. However, Sia led the group through an amazingly inspiring and beautiful temple and I am so grateful I got to experience it!

She has the ability to create and maintain a safe and sacred space, and I was able to explore different aspects of myself and learn a lot at the same time.”

Anneke, Amsterdam

"When you join a Temple with Sia, you make the choice to shift your experience of the life you live into a more sacred one, to heal your wounds, to shed your skin and to take off your masks, to express and to release your emotions in a safe and powerful way!".


Greg, France

"I want to reassure men, being very clear on one point: To explore its own femininity does not mean to adopt an effeminate behavior or to disguise oneself in any way.

There is no ambiguity on this and I was very comfortable with that. This is where this workshop was a revelation to me".



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