In this workshop, we will delve into the origins of the word "Altar", learn how to incorporate altars into our modern lifestyles and discover the essential steps to creating a meaningful and impactful altar.

Join me as we delve together into
the world of Altar Building and Ritual Magick. 

Imagine if the way you've engaged with life so far is just one perspective of reality. Consider the possibility that beyond the conditioned thinking, familiar habits, and limited way of being, lies an infinite and extraordinary self, filled with wisdom, unleashed potential and boundless creativity.

Let's unlock your Soul together...

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This is a group journey that involves deep inner work through mystical and somatic practices, rituals, and ceremonies. This sacred space beckons those in search of genuine authenticity, spiritual nourishment, profound depth, and enchanting magick.

Experience the boundless potential of your Soul...

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"I believe in you, and now it's time for you to believe in yourself. There is a deep magick within your waiting to be discovered and shared with the world."

Sia Hu Heka

This option provides support in any transformational process you may be going through, embracing the practices and teachings at your own pace, as much as you desire.

Embark on a profound exploration, right from the comfort of your own home...

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A bit about me... 

I am from the Celtic motherland of Galicia, the witches's land, so magick has been part of my life since an early age. I see magick as the art of communing with nature through the vessel of my body.

Ritual is my sanctuary, where I have developed a deeper sense of who I am. I view life through a mythological lens, perceiving symbolism in even the most ordinary actions. Truth propels me forward, while Love serves as my guiding light. I have undergone numerous cycles of transformation, as if in a perpetual emergence of my essence.

My body of work is the result of wisdom garnished by my direct life experiences, and supported by my knowledge of Traditional Yoga and Tantra philosophy, Shamanism, Archetypal Work, Dance and Somatic Therapy. 

Throughout my journey, I have found that facilitating group spaces has been the most meaningful way for me to explore and share this work.  Since 2015, I have had the privilege of conducting more than 200 workshops and retreats across the globe, providing individuals with a safe and nurturing environment to embrace their authentic selves.

In our modern society, I strongly believe that "being fully yourself is a form of activism and sharing your unique magic is a true blessing to the world."

I am so looking forward to assisting you to unlock your true essence and build the capacity to hold power, freedom, love and freedom as foundations on how you show up in your world.

In love,

Sia Hu Heka

"What is the best legacy you can leave behind? Your true essence"

Sia Hu Heka

Retreats offer an opportunity to step away from the demands of daily life and prioritize your well-being. These spaces are designed to bring awareness to what no longer serves you and provide powerful tools to create a new space within yourself, allowing you to live a more authentic version of yourself.

Let go, reset and renew yourself...

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Each ritual is carefully curated to meet your individual needs, desires, and intentions. Through this intimate and sacred process, you will connect with your true self, release any limiting beliefs or patterns, and manifest the life you desire.

Some ritual inspirations: 

Maiden Initiation (first menarche), Motherhood Blessings, Death & Rebirth Ceremony, Inner Union Ritual...

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"Life is fascinating, do not waste the opportunity to savor, indulge,
and embrace every moment it offers

Sia Hu Heka