Sacred Temple

Alchemical transformation

The Temple is a place to inspire alchemical transformation, healing and practice the art of rising.
In ancient days the Temple was a space where women invoked the power of the Goddess
through dance, movement and ritual. The community would come to receive
this transmission and to witness the sacredness of spirit weaving through matter.

Temple dancers would inspire, uplift and activate those who were open to the mystery.
The one day workshop will explore the Ancient Feminine mysteries
of temple dance through ritual and initiation.

The invitation is to

Awaken deeper connection to your body
Activate your creativity, sensuality & personal power
Explore your erotic wisdom
Discover and embody the archetypes of  the Goddess
Immerse yourself in the community of Womenhood

The path of the Goddess

A Goddess is the pure manifestation of the Divine

Goddess energy exists in eternal light forms in subtle realms of consciousness.
The distinct qualities of each energy reveal themselves as we invoke them.
Inside the human psyche, these Deity Goddess energies exist as archetypes,
and they act through the personality, and connect our personal self to the divine realms.

Go out in nature and walk barefoot on the grass, listen to the wind and birds,
look at the stars, receive the sun in your skin, be a witness
of beauty and become part of it.

The Goddess energy is available to all of us, we just need to be open to receive her.

Working with Archetypes

A divine archetype is a model that embodies an aspect of the collective unconscious

Archetypes are models who help us to awake new facets, energies and aspects within ourselves.
Through the archetypes the unconscious communicates ideas to the conscious
in the form of symbols and feelings.

The experiences that we embody working with archetypes shape and open our perception,
giving us a sense of wholeness as they helps us to integrate the lost parts of ourselves.
Everything in the natural world holds the energy of archetypes,
including plants and human beings.

We are not attempting to incorporate an aspect outside of ourselves,
but rather to awaken to an existing aspect that lies dormant within.
Human behaviors and our perception of reality are
completely shaped by the internal court of Archetypes held in the human unconscious.

Dark  Goddesses

How can you expect to be whole if you still have parts of yourself respresed and hide?

The word “dark” has come to relate to something negative, unpleasant, even evil,
whereas “light” is positive, nice and pure.
That can be nerve-wracking to investigate the truth behind the labels.

However the dark brings many gifts like the experience of Shadow and Void.
Shadow is what is has been abandoned in the dark room of our being.
It could be a powerful gift we have but we are not aware about, or a trauma,
repression or some emotion very painful that it is difficult to give attention to.
The Void as the emptiness, nothingness where everything and
everyone come from, the womb of the planet, the space itself.

There are powerful gifts of working with Dark Goddesses,
Freedom & Truth

Dark Goddesses in our Temples are

Lilith, Goddess of wild freedom and sexuality
Kali, Hindu Goddess of death, time, and doomsday
Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess of wrath and war

Light Goddesses


Light Goddesses help us to connect with the purity of our hearts.
These sacred archetypes are here to remind us “we are innocent and pure”.

When we connect with the innocence and purity of our hearts we are free of conditioning
so we can connect to our natural curiosity, intuition and wisdom.
We flow with life, trusting every breath we take and we recognize the Divine
in us and in others. They help us to uplift the vibration in this planet,
birthing a new paradigm of abundance, joy and love.

We learn how to merge heaven and earth within
as empowerment beings of light.

Light Goddesses in our Temples are

Aphrodite, Goddess of Sensuality & Love
Oshun, African Goddess of Abundance, Love & Beauty
Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Love, Magick and Femininity

The union of the
Masculine and Feminine

Until we do not realize we are The Beloved we won´t be free

Developing a harmonious relationship of “inner” masculine and feminine
is humanity’s evolutionary challenge and a process of spiritual advancement.

It is through the integration and harmonization
of one’s inner masculine and feminine that we reach
higher, integrated, holistic consciousness.

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