Sia Hu Heka is a Priestess, Midwife of the Soul,
Dance Therapist, Humanity Lover, World Traveller,
Space Holder, Ceremony Facilitator and Intuitive Singer.

Her gift is her embodiment of Truth, Power and Love.

Over the past ten years Sia has been working on her inner transformation
attending deep programs on Conscious Sexuality, Emotional Freedom,
Esoteric Teachings, Ancient Traditions Transmissions & Empowerment Spaces,
uncovering patterns that were inhibiting her soul expression.
She has been recoding belief systems which has activated her true potential as a Human Being.

Her life has become an exploration of Openness, Clarity, Love and Surrender.

She is passionate about the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine,
Ancient Civilizations, Esoteric Psychology & Astrology,
Indian Tradition and Taoist Philosophy.

She is currently focus in bringing polarities into UNION.
Working with Masculine & Feminine, Light & Dark, Ancient Traditions & Modern Society.

“My home is my Heart.
I travel the world sharing my soul, connecting and learning from everything and everyone.
I have the ability to feel the land in every place I visit, becoming the embodiment expression of Her.
I love inspiring other souls like you to unhide yourself and allow your true nature to Rise and Blossom,
trusting the power of your Intuition and weaving the magic of You into this life.”
I feel honored to journey with you!

She has been touched and inspired by Bruce Lion, Mudra Griebel,
Winter Jade Icely, Or Haleluya, Janine Ma-ree,
Chantelle Raven, Leyola Antara and many others unfolded Souls.

“My gift is
my own embodiment of the Feminine”

“There is a time when you have to look back
…to your back
and realize that you have got wings
talk to them
touch them
and let them grow

you can not hide anymore
they are part of you
is what you have come to do
to fly”


Your journey begins here

It is an honor to walk by your side