I was born as Noa in a traditional Spanish family where studying a career and having
a nice job were really important goals in life. I grew up hating my body
as it was very different as the ones from magazines.

I did not understand my emotions and cycles
and for a long time it was hard to live
in the “normal world”.

I begin to question all I knew in 2007, after a bodywork session with a woman
who will become a very important pillar in my life. After several years
of personal work through meditation, yoga, dance and
other techniques, I quit “my” job, “my” partner and “my” country.

Few years later I realize everything changes
and nothing is really mine.

Since the last ten years I have been working in myself, recognizing inner
dynamics that were hiding my emotional and soul expression and
recoding my belief system opening new choices and interactions.

My life has become
an exploration into openness and receptivity,
awareness and clarity, love and surrender.

I call this inner work “the path of the Goddess”.

I currently dedicate my life to help others to remember
their beauty,
power and innocence,
questioning beliefs that are deeply ingrained
in society but block them from experiencing
all of life and being free, dropping all their masks
and shining authenticity.

“My gift is
my own embodiment of the Feminine”

“There is a time when you have to look back
…to your back
and realize that you have got wings
talk to them
touch them
and let them grow

you can not hide anymore
they are part of you
is what you have come to do
to fly”


Your journey begins here

It is an honor to walk by your side