Re birth yourself

one to one guidance

My role is to be present with you,
reflecting what I see as your mirror.
Because “You do not have to heal anything”
– You are just unfolding your true-self –

Be All

The Path of the Goddess is an awakening of your whole self

A spiral journey of descent,
when we journey into our depths and meet our fears we retrieve the lost fragments
of our psyche. We then spiral back up to experience a rebirth.
Every archetype comes with light and dark, this work
requires to die and rebirth as part of the Soul-Body-Mind experience

We will work with the following archetypes:

The Mother
The Lover
The Priestess
The Fierce Woman
The Temptress
 The Queen
The Alchemist

Path of the Goddess

Do you want to transform as a woman?

Do you feel pressure to live up to a conventional standard of beauty?
Do you find yourself trying to be perfect in the roles you play, daughter, mother, employee, or lover?
Do you turn to food or substances for comfort instead of feeling?
Can you abandon your femininity to compete with a man?
Do you use your sexuality to gain love and acceptance?
Do you find yourself functioning predominantly from your rational mind?
Do you find yourself comparing and competing with women and feel a lack of worth?



The teachings and practices of the Sacred Feminine offer us
a supportive path way to reconnect with our souls.
They do this by weaving together the seemingly disparate
aspects of our psyche, which include our shadow, our unseen
and rejected side, which, if not positively integrated,
can undermine our self-worth.

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